For Students:

No, nobody receives any grades. You’re only evaluation will be whether or not your solar backpack works at the end of the program and that will be entirely up to you.
No, this is nothing like an AP class. If you’ve taken an AP class in high school, chances are it will be much different from what you do on LUYM.
You will have homework for the three quantitative weeks of the program, but chances are this will be much different from the homework you’ve had to do for school. For starters, there’s no grades for homework; we’ll give you solutions when you tell us you’re done and you can see for yourself how you did. Secondly, you might find that you really really like doing the homework for the courses this summer. Finally, there is no due date for homework; you are encouraged to try and work through it throughout the five weeks, but if you can’t finish it during that time you should try it again at other times during the summer. Keep coming back to the assignments, after a while you will start to get them. Feel free to ask your instructors for help at any time.
Yes, you are going to have to challenge yourself. But it will be a lot of fun too, and keep in mind you’re not being graded on anything.
No, no experience is required. If you answered yes to having experience with circuits then you will be placed in an advanced group and you’ll need to explain more about the theory of the circuit before you’re allowed to put it together.
No, backpacks will be provided for you.
You’ll be able to select your top three from the final list. We will try and get you one of the three you selected. If everyone selects the same backpacks then we will find another fair way to divvy them up.
Of course you do! That is the whole point. You will be responsible for whether or not your invention works.
This is something you will find out during the program. Unfortunately, it’s hard to charge up anything larger than a phone using a solar charger and you might find that the product doesn’t work as well as you would have liked. But you will learn a great deal in the process, and if you design and implement things in an efficient way, you should be able to use your bag for quite some time to charge your phone.

For Parents:

Yes, this is a paid program. Tuition is $300 for 5 weeks.
Not for the first year. We are working on this for future years.
We are only accepting checks for our first program. You will receive info on where you can send that check after you’ve learned whether or not your son or daughter has been accepted.
Students will have two weeks to decide whether or not they want to attend the seminar once they’ve been accepted. Parents will have that same amount of time to send payment for the program.
There is no cancelation fee, but students who have accepted their invitation are expected to attend.
No, there is no application fee. The application is entirely online. Only one application per student.
All courses will run out of the Northfield robotics lab or another classroom at Northfield high.
Your student will need to find a way to get to and from the high school every day the program meets.
We are still working on this. For right now you can expect that your son or daughter will need to bring a lunch everyday. Most likely, what will actually happen is we will be able to provide food on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the student will need to be able to feed themselves on Tuesday and Thursday.
Every student is expected to attend every day of the program. We have specifically made the week of July 2nd only 2 days long so that no students should have to miss a class for the 4th of July. A student may fall behind in their project or the material at hand if they miss a day of the seminar.
Yes, it is very safe. None of the electrical components students will working with can create a current that would damage them in any way. Furthermore, all of our educators are given strict background checks.

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